Who We Are

Fulcrum Point Technologies is an Innovation and Solution provider that specializes in Operational and Technology optimization.

Collectively, we create a unique value proposition based on fundamentally sound technical and business principles to help your business find the right balance between Business and Information Technology.

Our solutions are driven by the same principles:

  • Assess and provide solutions to meet the customers' needs
  • Leverage Strategic Partners to reduce the cost and time to execute solutions
  • Deliver Professional Project Management tracking and reporting
  • Provide Operational Readiness handoff and support

Some of the challenges that we have overcome for our customers:

  • Lack of flexibility and elasticity to rapidly adjust to business needs
  • Operational inefficiencies – Cost, staffing, process, execution
  • Technology Stability and Performance issues
  • Limited Automation, Governance and Key Performance Indicators

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We are dedicated to helping you redefine and transform the role that Information Technology plays in your business. Let's Connect Today!